After fielding questions all week about why episodes weren’t showing in Apple, Dave is a little frazzled and impatient for Apple to get this fixed. 


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02:37 NEW PATRON: 05:46 Mark’s Podcast – Resourceful Designer 06:00 Power Rant: Apple is Still Broken 13:10 Spotify Removal 13:50 Twitter Spaces and Audio Tweets 18:05 Spotify to Facebook Tool 18:55 Two Feeds – Issue? 22:31 25:22 Relaunching with Kajabi 33:49 How to Make a Decision 34:50 Podpage – Episode Signature 37:35 EMR Decision Making 40:08 Podcasters Hate Spammers 45:01 Alan Alda – Teaches Mike Farrell How to Subscribe 46:27 Dave and Jim Podcasting at Age 90

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