Today we talk about some strange audio issues. The good news is the show must go on (the sound isn’t that bad on the recording).

What Do you Do With Old Shows?

I use a service called to backup my files. You can get 15 Gigs from (free).

Media Fire

Seagate Expansion 2TB Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STBV2000100)

Amazon Glacier

Amazon Links? [10:18]

You can make easy to remember links with the plugin called Pretty Link (there is a free and paid version). Dave gets nervous making a

Definitely do not make

Be sure to read their terms of use and service paperwork. There are some gray areas.

There is a gray area if you send people to amazon without them knowing its an amazon links

Thanks to Rem from the

 Audio from Computer in the podcast [22:30]

I hate when the sound of someone computer keeps popping up.

Beining Sounds Live in the Podcast [26:43]

I use Soundbyte software on my iPad.

I also use Bossjock Studio (I have figured out how to pause now). It’s much easier to add files to bossjock via dropbox.

Releasing All Episodes At Once [29:13]

At first it looks like the older files don’t get much traction. Over time this evens out. Also if you don’t listen to all the episodes, Apple’s podcasts app might unsubscribe you from the podcast

Apple Bought Swell [32:25]

Daniel from the Audacity to Podcast wanted to know what we thought about Apple Buying the Swell App. [52:45]

Potential spreaker competitor (all in one system). Dave will be investigating. Check them out at

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