Rob Greenlee, head of, co-host of the New Media Show, and the Speaker Live show joins us for another fun session of Ask the Podcast Coach. Rob has previously worked for Podcast One, and Microsoft.

1:20 Social Media Question: Automation vs Authentication from Jeffery at

15:10 Grandma is on Facebook 

17:10 Rob shares some insight on the Adore Podcast Network

24:10 Cast Away Awards

26:00 Weird Spam Comments, and how to handle them and setup tour site to avoid them.

29:30 Dave Talks about Manage wp 

32:10 Live listening on Spreaker shows

Mentioned Marketing Over Coffee

37:50 Would Spreaker ever add the ability to call in?

41:10 Tips for going live

46:10 Gratitude Award at International Podcast Day

48:20 Losing a Skype Call  – always have a backup. 

51:10 Plugging two USB microphones into a computer to record.

52:20 Dealing with Bad Audio

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