1:30 Where do You listen to Podcasts? (take the poll)

3:10 Cool Stories From Radio – Ways to Grow your Audience – T-shirts at an event 

5:15 Lengths of Podcasting See article

10:00 How do you stop being boring?

13:10 What is Good content?

18:10 Podcasts hosts need to interact with every listener

19:15 Podcast is not fair as the media only promote shows from the media!

21:30 Jim got a letter from a listener

22:55 How do I contact Google Play Music (g.co/podcastportal )

23:35 My Co-host is in the hospital

26:30 This is your life example 

27:25 Ear Blindness

34:10 The Story Behind is no in my head….

35:35 How to separate from a co-host

38:20 Missing Richard Simmons 

42:00 a Nation Ready to Pounce

43:15 How is a Candle Gay?

44:20 DJ City had a bad day at an event.

51:45 Poll Results


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