We are joined by Michael Sharkey from the Talent Show and Zen Shark Media who helps people shape their content.

Firetalk is dead and we’ve moved to huzza.io

3:50 What does a producer do for the show?

6:23 What is a typical day like in radio?

10:50 Any thoughts on keeping your thoughts organized

13:42 Heilo insights its twitter with audio

15:50 International Podcast Day

18:55 Behind the scenes stories of Radio – its chaos

21:44 Podcast Bingo – A quick sample of a Random Podcast NEJM Podcast

27:26 Bad Audio vs Good Content – Gary V

31:40 Thanks to our Awesome Supporters

33:-02 Dave’s domain addiction just cost him some big bucks. Need a domain? Go to Dave’s Godaddy reseller account at www.coolerwebsites.com (the power of Godaddy and you can support Dave at the same time)

35:18 What does the chat room think of Huzza.io

36:18 International Podcast Day Grattitude Award insights with Daniel J Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast

42:08 Audio is important – There are exceptions

43:00 You never know who is listening – Sting story

45:30 International Podcast Day insights Pre-roll ads are being dropped

48:56 What other streaming platforms are people trying

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