Today Dave is back (and healthy) and Jim is using the Audio Technica BPHS1 Headset. We talk Music in podcasts, LLCs, and more.


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00:00:33 Update on Dave’s Health Scare 00:01:56 Sponsor: 00:03:36 Knocking the Rust Off 00:04:29 Jim Is Using a Headset 00:10:50 Spilling Drinks on Mixers 00:11:50 Uncle Martin on Music Rights 00:21:09 When To Form an LLC 00:27:51 Thanks To Our Awesome Supporters 00:31:09 This is uhhhh Your Pilot Speaking 00:33:54 Podcast Checklist 00:37:18 Post Release Evaluation 00:41:41 Airmeet Discussion 00:45:18 Dave Might Do Another Test Show 00:47:05 Podcasters and Domains? 00:50:08 Whoava App

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Audio Technica BPHS1

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