Today Jim was visiting Dave Garafolo in New Hampshire along with Ed Sullivan. It’s always fun to catch up with Dave who had a meetup of 400 people.

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01:13 03:02  Mugshot: 03:30  Chicken or the Egg? 05:45  The Connection With Your Audience 07:33  Competition in Podcasting? 09:46  Hosting a Meetup For Your Audience 17:49  Clubhouse – You Get Out What You Put In 20:07  Yes, That Was Illegal 25:51  How Many Years to Make Money? 28:46  Big Changes on One Suggestion 33:04  Mewe Vs Circle 37:49  Awesome Supporters 42:36  Letting a Competitor Advertise On Your Show 47:23  Different Styles Attract Different People 48:11  Dave’s Soundstage 52:49  Nudity in Podcasting 55:49  Private YouTube Videos 1:00:36 1:02:47  Worried About Being Removed 1:05:39  Congress Just Said Podcasting 1:10:41  The Accuracy of the Media 1:12:07  Peer Reviewed? 1:14:35  Media Host Testing 1:18:51  Moving From PowerPress 1:24:28  Getting Audience to Respond 1:28:29  Keeping Gas in the Tank 1:30:21  Bitcoin Update

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