Today Dave is looking different. Why? Because he invested in an Elgato Facecam, Elgato Key Lights, and an Elgato Stream Deck XL.

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MUGSHOT: 03:46  Mugshot: Based On a True Story

05:09  Dave Bought Some Toys 09:58  Light Placement 13:44  International Podcast Day 20:00  Make a Choice with Mel Robbins 22:08  Market Research 28:55  Not Your Target Audience 31:07  Awesome Supporters

Special Thanks to the Dog Podcast Network 34:21  Great Examples of Podcasts 41:15  Summer Heat and Podcasts 43:55  Apple Issue in June Lowered Downloads 47:56  Goodpods 51:35  Power Rant: Boring Podcasts 53:00  Descript: Thoughts?

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