One Night of Bowling Cost More Than a Month of Podcasting

I spent #36 to bowl, and didn’t blink. Yet people will complain about spending $30 a MONTH to podcast.

Should My Podcast Be Professional or Sloppy? [5:30]

Well, I’ve never heard someone say, “I unsubscribed because it was too professional. ” On the other hand, I’ve had people complain about podcasts who don’t stick to the point and are unorganized. Some of this depends on the podcast. If it is somewhat unscripted, then you are OK to do a little less editing. If it’s a solo show that delivers the news, you might want to edit. One of the the things that makes podcasting stand out is it DOES sound more “REAL” as there isn’t as much production. The great thing about podcasting is YOU are in control of YOUR show. Ask yourself what would be the advantage of each style? When in doubt, ask your audience.

How Do You Convert Audio In iTunes [10:08]

To  convert files in iTunes. you need to change the CD import settings to be mp3. Either choose 128 Stereo or Mono.  This can be seen in the video of the show .

What is the Best Podcast Length? [18:30]

There is no too long, only too boring. Reports say that the average commute is around 22 minutes. So many people shoot for 20-30 minutes. It does depend on the audience. One client of mine did a three hour podcast. Her audience were farmers who were on a tractor for most of the day. When a show is short, the audience doesn’t have to invest much into it and may be more forgiving. When in doubt ask your audience. You can setup a survey with a free service like

Dave’s Wife Lost 10 Lbs! [22:15]

Dave finds out that he needs to learn how to turn off call waiting while taking calls. Jim shares stories of listening to podcast with his kids on vacation.

I want to podcast – now what?[21:40]

It takes time to get the word out. It typically doesn’t happen over night. Be sure to use the typical tools (facebook, twitter, google+). The first step is to map out your topics, and forget about the tools when you are starting (WordPress, themes, microphones). In the end, it all starts with your CONTENT. Write down what you want to talk about, write down some idea for 10 episodes (to make sure you have enough content). Michael had stated that he wasn’t sure what he was going to talk about. You NEED to get this figured out before buying any microphones, websites, etc. Also keep in mind there is no hurry. Yes you are excited, but don’t let your emotions lead you down a path that leads you to regret. If you can’t answer “why” you are podcasting you will never make it through the why. I recommend dynamic microphones like an Audio Technica 2100USB which won’t pick up as much background noise.

Skype Call Audio Issues on Your Podcast[47:30]

What can I do to get better skype audio? 1. Turn off everything on your computer that doesn’t need to be running. 2. If its really important (the interview) reboot. 3. Make sure the family isn’t streaming anything (Netflix, torrents, etc) 4. In some cases you just need to just up and call back. 5. Make sure the caller has headphones on to avoid echo.  


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