1:40 Tip Jars vs Patreon. You can use Paypal, Cash.me/podcastcoach (from square). What percentage will follow you? Some experts say 3% is good.

7:30 Survey of the week  Do you listen to podcasts on a website?

8:33 Web hosting solutions? Dave uses Host Gator and WPEngine, Jim likes Maple Grove Partners

9:48 Best way to use an additional microphone with an ipad. Use a Camera Kit and plug an ATR2100 microphone and Bossjock

16:34 IPhone holder for mic stand

18:32 iPad holders? Here is one Here is one with a clamp

21:34 What do you use for a jingle player? Bossjock and iJingle

Lebron you’re on live TV…..

25:10 What can you upload to Patreon? mp3 files, wav file m4a

26:44 Private/Protected Feeds. Wishlist member, Podbean, and MyLibsyn (everything goes through an App – use code sopfree), Digital Access Pass

36:38 Kiss My Rss – Thoughts?

42:44 New Libsyn Features Video Walkthrough

51:32 Survey Results

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