Today Dave and Jim tackle the mental challenge of negative reviews, reading ads, google forms, and more. 

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03:21  Sponsor: 04:39  Mugshot: Based on a True Story Podcast 05:20  First Review Blues 12:40  Perfect Feedback 16:16  Sponsors on One Page 19:34  Podia vs Teachable vs Thinkific 22:49  I Will Eventually Move Away From Facebook 25:02  Jim is Leaning Toward Discord 27:41  Our Awesome Supporters 31:56  Jim’s Trip To Boston 33:33  Are Google Forms Secure? 35:49  Host Read Ads 45:33  How Do You Grow Your Podcast Audience 50:56  Would You Podcast if You Didn’t Know How Big Your Audience Was? 51:57  A Hobby Podcast Has Less Pressure 54:42  Nerd Out on Crypto

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