Jim shares about a large summit he went to and almost lost his voice. They both talk about the power of meeting your audience face to face.

3:20 Dave talks about the book Facinate

08:00 How you inspire others to do things they may have thought they couldn’t do. Sean Smith the Mobile Pro

10:05 Ringr Quick Review used to record interviews, and Dave talks about Cast.

13:00 Listening to Podcasts over the phone? Pretty horrible.

17:35 Pro Rocker Super Sturdy Desktop Boom Microphone Stand and Headphone Amplifier

22:10 What is one listener worth to you? Listener acquisition costs. What would you pay?

26:10 People Not showing up on Interviews. Dave has switched to Appointlet 

28:20 Podcat Movement takes aways?

30:00 Working a Booth – tips from Jim

32:15 Talking with Spotify and iHeart Radio

34:00 Rob Kerns shares a promotional idea. He (looking for vets) and went to an event and whoever had a vet hat on got a business card.

38:00 Mike Dell from Podcast Help Desk (and blubrry employee) talks the new PowerPress Sites (use the coupon code sopfree if you sign up at blubrry.com)

48:00 Starworldwide Networks – a more expensive -less techy way to podcast

50:15 John at Audio Editing Solutions is using Cast where he starts the session and invites Jessica and Elsie in to record Shepodcasts.com and he acts as the producer.

53:45 Podcast Movement Reviews?


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