Today Steve Stewart from is sitting in Dave’s Chair as Steve and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network take your calls (Dave is moving to a new apartment).

3:55 Doing a Live Show is Tough

8:30 Doing Giveaways On Your Show – Fine Print? – It’s easy to do a giveaway. Steve used Rafflecopter. Another plugin you might want check out is Contest Blitz a plugin (premium) for contests. Dave recently talked about both of these on an episode of Weekly Web Tools.

15:30 Is the Money In the List? 

22:25 Pruning Your Twitter List

26:55 Twitter Automation – Hootesuite VS Buffer

30:40 How do you show Blab question on the screen?

31:20 Steve has joined a network, and talks rebranding his show. He is part of the Two Guys Talking network. 

33:50 Mike Dell from Podcast Help Desk recently joined and then left a network.

35:25 Should Every Podcaster be on a Network?

40:25 Did Steve stick with the same format all 5 years?

42:25 How Do You Reach Out To a Network?

49:25 Windows 10 Update – Should We Update to Windows 10?

56:15 What is Your Biggest Challenge?

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