Today Jim is out on assignment, and Aaron Dowd “the Podcast Dude” fills in this week. 1:30 How do I Get Started? Mentioned

6:15 How Does Podcasting Work See Dave’s Podcastng 101 Tutorial

12:50 Blab as a podcasting tool 14:50 Podcast for yourself

16:00 The number of downloads you should be getting. Mentioned Book: Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

20:10 Doing a live show. Mentioned i-jingle pro – CamelWeb Creations and Soundboard Studio – Custom Soundboards for Professional Podcasting, Radio Shows and Musicians – Joe Allen Planning Your Podcast Course

23:20 Shawn Wes vs Shawn McCabe?

24:58 Meet Aaron Dowd Aaron uses a Sure SM7b Microphone

31:36 Recording at an event  from SP of the network. Mentioned: Zoom H5 portable recorder  Audio Technica 2100

37:32 Does everything have to be upload at once?

39:38 Artwork Specs – yes they matter at this point

41:16 Making Money with your Podcast – from a Comedian Mentioned: Patreon to have people donate

47:54 How long does it take to build a following?

49:28 Quote of the week New and Noteworthy is such a F#!in Waste of Time

51:24 How important is show artwork?    

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