Blab Woes

2:00 How long does it take to build a podcast audience? Ask Gary V Book and Beyond Powerful Radio Book

-defining your podcast success

11:30 Facebook Ads

 14:34 I have a slight delay from when I speak to what I hear

17:25 Recording on the Road. Dave likes the Zoom H5 and what to do in a booth.

-email like Mailchip or Aweber have ways to capture email. 

chocolates, banners, lighting. flyers, brochures, business cards

22:10 You never know who listening, or who you may be interviewing

25:04 Ask Your Audience 

25:49 Podcast To Newsletter tools  Mailchip or Aweber 

28:49 PO Boxes

30:04 What’s new with Jim’s podcast? Jim’s has been interviewing small start ups in tech. 

32:43 Going out and getting involved with the community. Use your Super Hero powers!

33:42 Android Podcast Listening Apps?

35:12 Dave’s new iPhone stand Jim uses WizGear to put his phone on a Neewer mic stand check out (Dave’s Amazon Store) Jim likes the Heil PR2 Arm

40:57 Thanks to our AWESOME SUPPORTERS

41:51 LinkedIn talk

46:01 webinars

47:00 Return to Son of Blab Woes.

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