Dave is back after last week
being out for a funeral. Thanks to Mike from jpeg2raw.com for
filling the seat. 

Brief discussion on parents, and
making them laugh or cry.

3:45 Recording on the Road.
Audio Technica
  Samson Go Mic . Get a microphone and move on. You
don’t need a $300

12:25 Create an environment of
confidence. Mike Murphy Unplugged

17:10 Waking up with Same Harris
a quick sample. Audible trial

Dyanamic Ads, &

22:40 Your privacy is

24;55 Getting to know your
listeners – the UK has no trees.

25:40 Advertisecast
update – Got a sponsor, but it may not fit my show.  Mentioned
cast.market Check out Spreaker Live Show

30:05 Mind Mapping Software
Mindmeister (free) could be used to flush out
ideas for your show.

31:50 Show Prep tools Trello is a very visual
way to collect your ideas

32:55 Why Edit?

33:55 John shares his Trello

36:55 Blab taking Forever to

39:55 Podcasts Schedule – putting
out one whenever you feel like it. Nobody unsubscribes from great

43:35 How long should intro music
be? There is no perfect podcast. 

50:50 Dave’s Umathon.

52:10 Your crutches, “SAY DOT

53:45 Dave mixes sounds in


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