How Many #1 Priorities Do You Have?

If you’re not moving forward with a project, it may be that it (along with five other things) is your number one priority.

Being a Podcast Original [8:00]

Dave shares his thoughts on a jimi hendrix movie he saw on netflix and wonders, “Who is the next Jimi Hendrix of Podcasting?”

Guy DiMartino Rainmaker Platform[13:30]

Guy Dimartino asks if we have any experience with Brian Clark’s Rainmaker platform

Brian Clark makes great products, and even though I have not used the product – I would trust Brian Clark. It looks like they’ve taken all their products and molded them into one.

Here is a video

Watch Videos Faster with My Speed

Jim Changes his Website [19:35]

The has a new look mesocolumn is the theme he used

Collecting Emails and Membership Software [24:30]

You can easily add a newsletter sign up using tools like Aweber. Just copy the code and paste it into a text widget in yoru sidebar.

Optin Skin is the email plugin I use at the moment, but I’ve head good things about Pipity (Christopher Penn uses them)

I use Aweber for my email.

Jim is using MailChimp

Dave uses Digital Access Pass for his membership site at the School of Podcasting

Take the most asked question from your community and make a report (pdf) and give it to people who sign up for your list.

Jim is Testing Audio Boo [33:00]

You should have a player (from any service) on your website. Jim is testing the Audio Book Player.

Priorities Revisited [36:40]

Bill shares how it takes a lot of skills to be a good podcaster

Playing Music on a Podcast [42:25]

You need permission from the following people

1. The song writer

2. The performer

3. The record label

In many cases this may be three different people. It gets sticky.

See Music Alley for pre cleared music, or check the Podcasting resources section for more.

Webinars as a Promotional Tool [58:00ish]

Jim talks about how Gallo uses webinars to build a community.

No hard sells.

See them at

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