Dave Jackson of the School of Podcast is joined by Carey Green of Podcast Fast Track to answer your podcast questions live.

1:20 Carey and Dave have known each other a while – we were promo buddies 3:10 Carey and Podcast Fast Track 4:30 what’s a good ratio for advertisement vs content? – Poll 9:15 Dave’s Radio Book Insights 13:10 HD Radio Drives me Nuts 14:40 Carey defines what he won’t work with 19:40 Dave almost quit doing the podcast review show 23:10 Long winded guests 27:10 Editing insights from Cary Green of Podcast Fast Track 28:40 How do you get more subscribers? 31:15 iTunes Search is less than stellar, and why you should never use itpc:// 34:05 Learn to use the tools you have. 38:15 People Liked the Journalism 101 with  Emily 39:20 Bernie Won an Award at Podfest.us 40:55 Have live shows help you grow your audience? 43:15 Overcast time links, how do you create those? 46:00 Thanks to our awesome supporters 47:35 Show Notes Tips – Your Contact Information 52:10 Poll Results 55:00 Carey’s Home Made Shock Mount see video

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