6:30 Society of Canadian Composers?

Is this a real deal? This seems weird, some say it is (it is a legit organization) but the podcaster has no music in his show? this (if its real) is just a blanket email to every.

9:14 Prime Day at Amazon.com

Amazon had “black Friday” type deals (or so they said) for those on Amazon Prime (where yo uget free shi[[ing, videos, music, etc) for a one time fee. They had $50 off the Amazon Echo . The Audio Technica 2005 is now up to $79. The Amazon Echo has huge Wife Acceptance feature.

12:55 What Cables Do I need to Setup a Mixer to Record with a Zoom H5

To go from the mixer to the recorder use this cable from the RCA Out to line in of the mixer.

16:47 How Can I Get Rid of the Sound of the Air Conditioner?

If possible turn it off. If you cut out frequency, you will be cutting out the frequencies of the voice.

18:45 Example of a Speakpipe (not so great) Voice Message (so it depends on who is leaving the message).

Dave plays a great testimonial that unfortunately was recorded a little too loud.

20:35 Is it best to have everyone record their own side of a conversation?

Yes the best way is to have everyone recorded, but it requires more work to put it together

23:10 Whats the Next Piece of Equipment?

Dave loves his DBX 286, but its not for everyone there is no one size fits all.

25:00 How Many Downloads Should I Have?

Value multiplied by Time Spent Promoting = Number of Downloads.

33:20 Gimlet Media Has 19 Employees!

We have a general discussion on download stats.

It would be interesting to see how much some of the bigger shows are promoting their shows.

Coming from a bigger show doesn’t Guarantee you get a big audience. It’s all about the relationships.

When your audience is small, reach out to your audience (call them using a Google voice) and it will AMAZE the people you call.

47:05 How Do I Grow My Audience on Twitter?

Connect with them personally.

When was the last time you discovered a podcast via Twitter?

When was the last time you subscribed to a podcast because of Twitter?

Some shows need to grow and change to keep an audience.

Just because you interview real people doesn’t mean it is really interesting.

Cut out the chit chat.

51:05 Listen to Your Show And See How You Can Improve

Don’t obsess, but you should always have room for improvement. Try to put yourself into the shoes of a new listener.

We will talk about Voicemeter on the next show. We should also talk about Asure.

Jim is now the know it guy

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