Today I noticed a number of people asking questions that seemed fairly obvious. The common theme amongst these questions was the fear of rejection. 

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00:01:03  Sponsor: 00:02:14  Mugshot: 00:02:48  Fear of Rejection 00:09:20  Getting Your First Guest 00:10:38  Don’t You Know Who I Am? 00:12:44  Bring Good Guests Back 00:15:09  Bad Pitches 00:18:52  Bad Episode Titles 00:19:33  Jim Tells on Himself 00:21:41  Speaking at Conferences 00:27:24  Check In As a Backup 00:30:41  Awesome Supporters 00:34:24  Rejection is Hard 00:35:26  Not Now 00:35:59  Awkward Conversations 00:39:37  Repetition Provides Opportunities to improve 00:42:18  Backup Co-hosts? 00:43:13  Recording in the Same Room 00:50:39  Interviews at a Conference 00:56:16  Holding a Microphone

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