Dave Jackson and Jim Collison take your podcast questions.

1:09  MDX 4600 Tutorial at the SOP. Compressors.

2:22 Mailing Lists. Check out MailChimp, Aweber are very popular and integrate with everything it seems. Currently Dave is using Convert Kit

3:52 How Long should my show be?

5:44 CRM Software that emails Dave uses Nimble.com. Making mistakes.

10:14 Facebook Live Experiment. Google Play Music Stats

13:24 New Blubrry Player (see on on Podcasthelpdesk.com ) you have to be a bluburry hosting customer (use the coupon sopfree to get a free month at blubrry.com)

15:12 Church Podcasting – Do a podcast for Church Tech People. Getting Topics for Your Show

21:40 Where should I post my podcast? iTunes, Google Play Music, TuneIn, Sticher

24:36 Low Budget Podcasting. The cheapest hosting is Podbean (use the coupon sopfree, but I don’t like their stats).

35:52 How do you create an ROI with your podcast? You can track hits with Google Analytics and the Pretty Link Plugin.

38:12 How can I tell where my listeners are coming from. 


46:30 Eventually everything gets old

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