Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Today we talk about a marketing idea of Easter Eggs in your podcast. This uses the idea of an “insiders club” which seems to work per the book “contagions”

Michael Ray asked about parking domains.

Most of the time Dave just redirects them to a website, not so much as an SEO tactic, but just to do something with them. You could always set up a landing page that points to you other sites.

Jason Bryant from mattalkonline.com on Easter Eggs

Jason had a question about Easter Egg hunts as a marketing tool. It seems worth trying (see the book above). Jason is using Gumroad.com to take pre-orders on a product he will be selling. How do you put an episode out without showing it on your website. You could put out a post and then turn the player off, so people would have to subscribe to listen to the show. We also talk about having discounts on products and how to promote them best.

Apple vs Google

Ms Ileane from basicblogtops.com calls in to further the discussion on Apple vs Google.


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