3:00 How do I know people are listening 5:10 Don’t ask for help in Facebook if you haven’t gone through the proper channels. 7:40 SOund is still not good 8:40 Podbean and their directory 10:45 Bluehost is crap 13:15 PAtreon Best Practices 21:35 Making the Phone Suond Better 26:22 Podbean’s Patreon Feature 26:56 Mp3 Skype Recorder 30:22 Surely People Can’t Be Listening to Me 34:30 Getting MOre Android Subscirbers 35:35 Getting More Podcasts Guests 38:40 Free Analytics 40:05 Download Numbers 45:35 Thanks to our supporters 46:50 Dave Wrestles with Success at Times Due to Imposter Syndrome Excited About Podfast.us

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