Ask the Podcast coach features Podcast Consultant Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and “The Coaches Coach” Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network. This week we talk about:

2:10 Patreon as a sponsorship tool 7:16 Affiliate links as ads (see ) 9:40 Patreon Shootout between Dave and Jim 19:40 What to do with a long interview from Kim at 29:12 Best Podcasting Practices from the Bridge Ratings 38:55 How your audience listens might matter – we need to train our audience 41:56 Jeff talks about his new show Podcast Brief   44:19 Podcasters Aren’t willing to look at their podcast objectively. Is your baby ugly? 53:00 Lessons From George Carlin

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What is the best way to give someone feedback?

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