Pay to Join a Network – Best Tools For Donations – Goodbye Blab

1:50 Getting Old Sucks

2:20 How Dave’s chair ruined his sound. His chair was adjusting knobs when it swiveled.

4:51 A New Microphone From Heil PR 77

6:14 Audition Crashing Problems?

7:51 John is using Cast as a producer and how he is using it to record the podcast

12:11 Who should submit the client’s podcast to iTunes, you or the client?

13:32 Should I join a network that charges me to join?

18:10 Guests are a no-show and Jim had to go solo

21:26 Traveling with an ATR 2100  ATR2005

24:07 Why Dave Switch to Appointlet for scheduling

25:57 Travel Gear? See

29:31 Had a company tell me to change my name, and changing your name discussion.

34:07 Best tools for donating? Patreon allows you to give rewards.  There are also and for accepting credit card donations.

40:35 Jim was on and discussion

43:20 Dave is fed up with

45:05 Blubrry launches advertising partners. Jessica Kupferman Advertising Help

50:00 Using Affiliates link advertising. Find affiliates at place like Share a Sale

53:00 Patreon Discussion, and Dave makes a Patreon Link 

55:30 Become an Awesome Supporter and Get Bonus Content

58:00 Find Jim at and find Dave at



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