Dave and Jim kick the tires on firetalk.com after leaving blab.im

2:00 Michael is the first one into the pool

3:30 Chris Nesi had issues with askthepodcastcoach.com/live which might’ve been a cache issue. Chris on the Home Gadget Geek Podcast

08:10 Create great content and ignore the live audience.

08:40 The Grocery store analogy for iTunes. https://youtu.be/-ogVhrM3MSw 16:55 People looking for podcast guests – How do you find guests?

24:40 The Messengers Documentary (a podcast documentary) will be here on 8/20 Full Details

27:05 Dave why you do make fun of NPR?

27:45 Podcast Promo swaps. Promoting other shows. Getting mentioned on other shows. 32:20 Craft Beer podcast?

33:45 Podcastpromoswap.com needs work still

37:10 Jim’s Audience doesn’t like ads, but they will tolerate stickers and patreon. www.stickermule.com

39:55 Want to try Patreon? Check out www.askthepodcastcoach.com/trypatreon 40:15 Links in the Podcasts app.

44:20 Leaning Toward Wisdom www.leaningtwoardwisdom.com

45:30 Sharing Personal stories or using current news stories to make a point in your podcast ( Muhammad Ali Episode)

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