Podbean is Still Bad 

Podbean has always been a mystery. In looking at their network they have a lot of people listed that makes it appear that they are using their service. It turns out they are not. See what Mignon Fogarty says


I’ve sent them an email asking them why they have these networks listed, but I have not heard back (again, I do not recommend this company – they just seem shady). 

Time Stamp Not Sticking in Mp3 File ID3 Tags [10:00 ish]

Artwork that is being used in the mp3 is over 1MB in size, which takes up space in the ID3 headers may have issues with their tags. According to WinAmp, headers are taking up the first 1444789 bytes (nearly 1.5MB). I would recommend re-saving that image used in the mp3 as a jpg, it will be substantially smaller than a png of the same resolution (I suspect it is using a png currently). This image does not need to be 1400×1400 either, 600×600 or 300×300 works just as well for this application

Can A Company Come After Me For What I say on a Podcast? [13:30]

Everyone say it together, “We are not lawyers.” it is best seek the counsel of a lawyer on this subject. 

Check out Gordon Firemark or the Free Podcast Legal Guide

Podcast Legal Guide

Adam Carolla is having another lawsuit over ownership of his show and if his friend of 30 years was a “partner”

Anyone can sue you for anything 

Should I Put My Podcasts on Multiple Sites or One[31:28]

If the topics are related I could see them all on the same site. You can have domain names that point at the same website (maybe different categories). 

Make sure to cross -promote Your shows. 

How Dave Got His Electrovoice RE-320 microphone [39:00]

Dave bartered with EV to exchange the microphone for advertising. Dave is using an Electrovoice RE320.  (affiliate link)

Avada WordPress Theme [42:00]

Dave is playing with the Avada theme on davidjackson.org 

Longer Shows With Many Topics or Short Shows With One Topics [45:00]

It depends on you. Here are some things:

1. Single topic shows are easier to write blog posts and headlines for.

National Podcast Day

Check out National Podcast Website

The good news is its very flexible, the bad news is its very flexible. 

Mentioned in This ShowWP Commander (manage multiple sites from one dashboad)

2. Any time you change your format, you WILL lose SOME of your audience. 

3. People use your podcast in different routines of their lives. 


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