Today Dave talks about his insight from Podcast Movement and we are joined by Matt from who just published his first podcast (CONGRATS!). Dave met Matt at podcast movement and Matt said he was going to be in Cleveland and Dave said to look him up – and he did. 


Insights from Advertising Session[2:00]

It doens’t matter what you are talking about as long as you have 10,000 downloads (they may think about you if you have 5,000 per episode). 

10 to $15 per one thousand downloads (better known as CPM)

They are looking for female related podcasts to run advertisements

Make sure you are checking the email that you have setup to receive email inquiries. Todd Cochran from is saying “We have potential sponsors” and Todd is not getting any response. Meanwhile people are always asking about how to get a sponsor (Hello????). 

Dave have a CPM of over $50 when he was promoting his Fitbit on his Logical Weight Loss Podcast

More Reflections [10:00 ish].

You don’t run a race looking sideways. – Chris Brogan

Quit copying each other

What didn’t work in some sessions. 

Matt reflects on the conference (20:00)

Garbled Skype Sounds[24:50]

Try to get a good solid recording level. Also turn off all things that use bandwidth so you computer can focus on skype and only skype. The calls us using the Zoom H5

Troubleshooting your podcast begins with separating the different items involved in creating your sound and see if you can isolate them. 

Thanks to barb from

Control Your Mental State [35:00]

When Dave first started his session he knew everyone in the room. At first this bummed him out. He explains how there were two ways to think about your presentation when the room was not completely full.

Being positive is a choice. It takes effort, and it may not be easy. Always deliver your best as you never know who is listening or watching

Dave may be more accessible than other podcasters

Dave talks about jumping up and down on the stage during his presentation. 

Dave Starts [42:00]

Dave is using to try to get together a group of Cleveland Podcasters if you are in the Northeast Ohio Podcaster come over and sign up. 

During the show an Atlanta group decided to create a group. 

Minding The Gap Podcast [45:30]

Matt’s show will be a podcast documenting going from where you are to where you want to be. You can find him at

Matt talks about how he is traveling for his job now and its throwing a wrench into his production. 

Now that Jim has a personal connection, Jim is more likely to listen to Matt’s podcast.

Focus on CONTENT first. Then worry about the graphics, etc.

Dave went over 1 million downloads this week. 


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