1:30 Reverse Engineering Things We Watch on TV

6:20 Free Podcast Hosting From pippa.io

9:00 Advertisecast.com “partners” with podomatic. We don’t need more podcasts, for these to flourish, they need advertiser

Chris Nesi from houseofedtech.com share some insights on pippa.io (this idea has been tried multiple times in the past (free hosting powered by sponsorship) and it hasn’t worked – podango.com anyone?)

15:30 Common Podcast Questions

18:15 Dave has a sleepless night that inspires his new Alexacast.com all about using an Amazon Echo / Dot

24:35 Black Friday Deals? and the

27:30 Fear of Missing out FOMO

podcastingdeals.com is a website from Daniel J Lewis who lets you know of any deals that are going on.

30:20 Be Ready with Your Elevator Pitch – Google Home Salesperson Provides the Worst Demo Ever

32:50 Kit.com pretty cool website for affiliate marketers

Mentioned  Easy AZON

38:35 Releasing Episodes over the holidays?

42:05 Do you need a network to be successful?

45:50 Thanks To our AWESOME Supporters. Become A Supporter Today

48:30 Recording Templates

50:00 Getting Your Podcast on Spotify

53:20 Apps, and Making Your Own. Mobimatic lets you make your own App

56:05 Libsyn VS Spreaker Stats. Spreaker has a new CMS

Find Jim at www.theaverageguy.tv

Find Dave at www.schoolofpodcasting.com

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