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Dave flies solo today and decides to give one more try. Some people had some issues getting smiletime on their phone so you will hear me mention mixlr. I received some feedback from people saying they are tired of my trying so many different options.

It turned out that smiletime had changed their interface, and in the long run, I’m probably going back to Google Hangouts.

3:10 Adding Subscription Buttons To My Website

6:20 Interview tips?

Dave mentions his interview with Lee Silverstein of the Colon Cancer Podcast

Always send out reminder emails the day of the interview. Dave uses Acuity Scheduling for his bookings

13:22 Dave got a Heil PR40 on Ebay Dave prefers his EV RE320

15:36 Podcast Bingo Plant Trainer’s Podcast the chat room found the same thing I did (it was sooooo being read).

21:50 Signing up at Stitcher (there are tutorials on subscribing to the directories at the School of Podcasting)

22:50 Total Restriction To Files and Restricting RSS Feeds

25:12 What’s Wrong With Google Hangouts?

26:38 Rejected by iHeart Radio

28:10 YouTube Live is pretty stable

30:34  Doing a Podcast with a Partner

34:55 Dave loves it and uses it for the SOP

37:14 Thanks to all of our Awesome supporters

38:14 Jason Bryan has a Patron that is paying $100 a month. Tips on using Patreon

39:18 iTune Charts  – How Do They Work? (subscribers)

41:16 Playing with Podcast Media Hosts (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month at ) Dave is testing Omny Studio even though they don’t meet my criteria.

41:55 No Show Next Week

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