We somewhat break format today to have Rob Greenlee join us to talk about the new Ad Revenue Sharing that is happening on the Spreaker platform (you can get a free month at Spreaker using the coupon code sopfree). 

Keep in Mind This is a Beta Test

It only works in the USA at the moment. You need to setup your taxes and bank account It only works on the embedded player and apps (not spreaker.com – that’s coming) You can join or not join, but you can’t choose advertisers (yet) The CPMs will be (roughly) between $5-$10 (more information to come).

For more information see http://blog.spreaker.com/2017/01/10/introducing-spreakers-revenue-sharing-program/

We also talk a little about their player, their apps, what kind of bandwidth is needed to use Spreaker, and how Podcast companies like Spreaker, Libsyn, Blubrry “Play nice” together.

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