Today on Ask the Podcast Coach episode 172 I am joined by Chris Nesi from the House of Ed Tech and we talk about:

4:32 My Episode isn’t’ appearing in iTunes

5:14 Your guest promoting your show

7:38 Your guest sounds like they are in a cave

11:32 Bad sound quality

15:00 How do you make the phone – NOT sound like the phone

18:10 Do you have issues with skype?

22:36 Make your guest feel comfortable 

24:26 YouTube Downloads. Should I add my show to YouTube? 

28:10 William Defranco on YouTube

32:40 Garageband for podcasting, no more “podcast” feature

40:00 What if your guest wants the questions up front?

46:00 Short Keys ( ) 

48:00 New Strategy for Patreon and Facebook

49:40 Whooshkaa will be reviewed in the future

53:00 Voxer review

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