Our First Lesson:

Don’t forget to push Record!

Here is the blab from last Saturday. Podcast to come shortly…

3:30 Blog Talk Radio vs Blab & What Do You Think of Audio On Blab

One of the fun thing about this show is we are not afraid to try new tools live. 

10:17 Gary LeLand is Addicted to Blab

17:18 Alan Lee has questions about Microphone Arms

There is the cheaper 35 Boom arm from Neewer. Heil makes a great boom arm for around $120. As you only purchase this once, it might be best to invest a little extra money. 

21:12 Redirecting on SqaureSpace

People want to do mywebsite.com/itunes (easy on WordPress not on SquareSpace)

22:05 Ryan K Parker Loved Last Week Episode

Dave interviewed Donovan Adkisson about getting burned out with podcasting.

28:30 How is the Blab Video

How hard is it to run a blab? Do you need a super powerful computer to run blab?

Soundcloud is being sued by the English Music Industry. They are not a great solution. Dave is using Libsyn.com or Blubrry.com (use the coupon code sopfree). 

Dave had review Simplepodcast.fm (See Review)

Soundcloud has done a great job with marketing. 

35:45 Matt from Australia – Will Not The Best Audio Hurt Growing My Audience?

I think as long as your audio quality is not distracting, it should be OK. Currently Blab is new and people are more forgiving. If I have to adjust the volume, I don’t last long. 

39:47 Mike Dell on Podcast Branding

Mike is using the Audio Technica BPH1 Headset.

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