Today Dave is having a technical issue and had to revert to just using his Audio Technica 2100 into blab.

1:31 @nocupcakesone wants to know  how to fix his podcast audio. 

He is using a condensor microphone. These pick up everything. A dynamic microphone like the Audio Technica 2100

Separate the pieces in your sound chain (microphone, cables, power, etc). Get it down to the simplest for mat you can then build on that

Write down what you’ve learned from each step of the troubleshooting process.

The caller is using Spreaker and Uberconference. Uberconference provides a mp3. It’s a better bad choice. Dave uses Callburner to record skype. You might also look into getting a skype in or a skype out number to call phones.

12:30 How Many Listeners Should I Have?

There is no one size fits all as different genres and topics have more potential than others. Right now the median of podcasting right now is 165 per episode.

Why did you start podcasting? While you can make money as a marketing tool for your company and products, podcasting is not a great tool for making “quick cash.”

16:10 Podcasters Should Have A Website

@nocupcakesone does not have a dedicated website for his podcast. Facebook recently deleted a Facebook page of someone who had TONS of people on their page and they just deleted it. If you’re not a “techie” then you can find affordable people to do the tech stuff for you.

20:32 I want to have a podcast behind a firewall.

I want to cut out the “gems” and put out the “gemless” version to his public audience and charge people get the best parts. It might be better to limit the number in the episodes in the feed and charge to get your complete episodes. Digital Access Pass provides a secure RSS feed.

You can tell people what to do for free, you charge to tell them how to do it.

24:45 Mixing items on Blab

You Can’t

25:08 Because of My Podcast – I Got Some Media Coverage – After Three Episodes

A media outlet contacted the podcaster about their podcast. The interesting thing? They only had three episodes. LAUNCH!

A little editing can improve your podcast instantly.

If you make a mistake wait for 10 seconds. It makes it super easy to see your mistakes.

33:20 Fixing Categories in iTunes

Whatever you’r using to create your RSS feed, update the settings there. The RSS feed updates and iTunes looks at the RSS feed.

Spreaker has a customization button that you may need to click on the get the added details.

36:49 When is Google Play Coming?


Dave is worried that Google Play may be a great tool, but he is hoping Google makes documentation to help people understand how to consume podcasts on their platform.

Can we get podcasters to unite with Google Play?

43:25 AM Radio is Beyond Bad

Jim went and listened to the local AM radio station, and it’s terrible.

Dave is amazed at how many commercials are on television. He is fast forwarding through them at 4X

Radio need to be replaced by podcasting. it’s just bad. The problem we face is podcasting offers too many choices.

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49:00 Dave was using Bossjock studio, but switched to iJingle. Jingle Pallette is available for the PC

A brief description of the pros and cons of recording live.

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