4:40 What is Santa Bringing You For Christmas?Jim uses Google Docs to manage his family’s wishlist. Jim likes Mount-It mounts for computer monitors

10:40 New and Noteworthy Doesn’t Deliver Thousands of Downloads (6 listens).

15:30 Audio Search Tool Coming? (heard on Wolf Den). How people discover podcasts.

17:10 People are Buying Listens on SoundCloud (from my blog)

18:30 Cast.market helps you find sponsors.

23:00 NY Fans Chine in. wlny.com

But I Don’t Feel Like Podcasting…

24:48 How Do I Stay Motivated to Keep Podcasting Through the Busy Holiday Season From Kim

A) Record a couple of shows and time release them

B) Record a quick message and let people know you be back in a few days. 

34:46 Do Downloads Go Down Over the Holidays?

39:06 Podcast Waivers

45:35 Accountability Groups For Podcasters. Dave has Castermind.com

48:30 Blab.im has a quality control problem in Dave’s opinion

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