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Dave is flying solo and is using and is using the chat room as his co-host. It’s a cool tool for about 20 minutes of the show. Then things go south. It’s a free service, and well, sometimes you get what you pay for. 

7:25 pulls one of the dumbest business moves I’ve ever seen.

10:55 Glen Hebert from helps Dave kick the tires on

Glenn is in Florida and had to postpone his show due to Hurricane Michael. 

Glenn just celebrate 5000 episodes. 

14:50 a non podcasting tip about hiking in the woods

15:20 Podcast Bingo  The Stories Podcast

19:50 Listen to Dave interview Glen on the School of Podcasting (amazing interview)

21:40 Podertainment magazine See Podertainment

22:35 Put the show number at the beginning helps blind people

25:10 Nugget of Wisdom – Take an improv class – the importance of listening.

26:50 Dave did some acting as a child

28:10 The key to really good interviews

32:35 Repurposing your content – Google Hangout Beef?

36:40 Playing music in your podcast

39:35 Podmatic and Patreon

41:00 Thanks to our awesome supporters go to

Using the RSS option in Patreon. Join Patreon Here

43:15 Changing Your Show’s Name – iTunes is not a light switch – it takes 24 hours for changes to appear.

45:00 If you put the name of your show in the title of your episode, the podcasts app stops you from being stupid. 

46:05 Logo Design for your  Artwork. I like (tell them you’re with the School of Podcasting) and there is a new one called Design Crowd which is similar to 99 Designs

49:10 A really bad book about podcasting to get people to sign up a Audible. You can have Audible as sponsor by signing up here


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