This was recorded on 11-12-16

Dave an Jim are back in their respective studios. Happy Veterans day to all of our veterans. 

2:15 DC Podfest reflections – I’m a Digital Influencer, Amolto Skype Recorder and Free Skype Recorder

6:20 Why Do We use Skype? Why not or Zencastr? Zoom?

Jim states that Skype is going to change over the next few years, and he would jump ship and find a skype alternative

11:50 Google Hangouts Where is It?

Google had some things go live even though we weren’t “live”

15:45 Is There a Podcast Station For Mac? Dave Likes Hindeburg Jounralist others suggest Audio Hijack for the Mac, and Twisted Wave. Spreaker Studio

23:05 Why Hosting Companies want you to use their platform to listen. (Dave has been playing with Omnystudio ). The bad news is 80% of downloads come via RSS

28:45 How Do I Restart a Podcast? Do I Start From Scratch? –

Make Sure You Have a Document Between You and Your Co-Host

33:30 Thanks To our Patrons. You are AWESOME

36:05 What Forums Should We Use To Promote My Show? – Podcast Promotion – How Do You Market Your Podcast?

iTunes is not a strategy, it is a tool, but it’s not a strategy (either is Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play Music)

Local Podcasts Could Replace Local Newspapers (This is Rammy Podcast On Podcast Review )

42:40 Jim Has a Because of My Podcast Story – The Department of Labor Interviewed Me

44:50 Dave’s Northeast Ohio Meetup Group has lead Dave to be on TV

47:10 Jim gets out and about and gets caught without business cards

49:20 Who do you use for Business Cards? Dave uses Vista Print

50:40 Joe Pardo Because of My Podcast I Got a Job

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