Content emergency fund with Sam

Today’s guest is none other than our very own Head of Growth, Sam Chlebowski.

Over the last two months, Sam has been helping our team iron out some of the creases in-between the marketing & sales teams here at Castos. His background in the web services industry and managing expectations of small business owners navigate uncertain waters is a huge boon to our podcasters.

Sam and Matt help define what the “Head of Growth” role means along with his day to day responsibilities. They will unpack the lessons learned to help apply some of the same tactics to podcast creators looking to grow their audience.

The duo eventually came across the idea of investing in a “Content Emergency Fund” illustrating how podcast content can easily feed into your “banked” content.

Content Emergency Fund

A successful podcast which continues to increase downloads and broaden its reach doesn’t stop at the audio file streamed to an app. It requires you to invest in other areas of content marketing, like blogging and/or email marketing.

The bad news? It takes more time to create more content.

The good news? Repurposing old podcast episodes to feed new areas of content, even if it’s years old, is an affordable route to take. Sam refers to it as the Content Emergency Fund!

Wether you’re stuck or crunched for time, you can lean on old episodes to draw new ideas from.

– Write up a new blog post about the book a guest mentioned
– Post audiograms from your top episodes
– Email out a series of mini-courses quoting the best lessons from your back catalog

Keep the content flowing; keep repurposing your old episodes!

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