On this episode of the Audience podcast, Sam Chlebowski, the host of The Creator Spotlight Series, talks with Anya Smith of the Matters of Belief podcast. The top two topics we generally avoid when making pleasant conversation are politics and religion. Today Anya shares why religion should not be on that list. It is obvious by her curiosity, expertise, and enthusiasm about the topic, why people feel so comfortable talking with her about spirituality and religion. In addition to these topics, Sam and Anya also talk about how she first got started in podcasting, her tips for newbies, and her goals for the future of the Matters of Belief podcast and website.

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • General background on Anya’s podcast, Matters of Belief
  • The beginning of the Matters of Belief blog and podcast
  • The public’s aversion to talking about religion (and politics)
  • Spreading messages and helping others
  • Putting hope in technology
  • Learning the basics of podcasting
  • Tips for interviewing, recording, and starting a new podcast
  • The future of the Matters of Belief website and podcast


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