There aren’t many more well-understood growth channels for a brand’s audience than social media. But like a lot of things when it comes to growing your brand, it’s often not complicated, but it’s hard.

Twitter in particular is a favorite for brands (and let’s face it, your podcast is a ‘brand’ whether you’ve admitted it to yourself or not) to grow their reach and drive traffic back to a website.

Today Craig sits down with Bridget Willard, social media management pro, and someone who has been helping the Castos team manage their Twitter presence for the last few months.

The Castos team decided to invest in a dedicated person to help with social media management, and Twitter in particular, because they know that it’s vital to meet your audience members wherever they want to engage with you.

When it comes to podcasting we know this as listing in directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Podcasts. But the conversation often goes on beyond just the episode, and for a lot of podcasters the social media platform of choice is Twitter.

In this episode Craig and Bridget talk through:

  • How Bridget approaches organically and genuinely growing a brand’s audience
  • Particular tools and frameworks that you can use to grow your own social media following
  • Why Twitter in particular is such a great platform for bringing traffic back to your website
  • Why connection and a sense of belonging drive everything that we do when it comes to marketing our podcasts
  • What the end goal of engagement on social media should be for us all

Hope you enjoy this conversation with Bridget. To find out more about her please check her out on

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