How do you engage with to two very distinct, but different audiences … in a single series?

That’s the challenge that ABB’s Robotics & Discrete Automation division set us.

They wanted to appeal to industry experts, but also casual listeners who were completely new to the robot scene.

ABB’s business is #2 globally, with a #1 position in robotics in the important, high-growth Chinese market.

It’s an incredibly exciting industry which ABB wanted to give listeners an insight into – and so The Robot Podcast was created.

Each week a panel of experts from industry, academia and the media takes a look at the cutting edge of robotics, analyzing how advances in auto-mation are already benefitting society and what the future will look like.

In this episodes, Fresh Air Senior Producer Izzie Clarke, Marketing Specialist Richard Blake and Marc Mustard – Global Head of Content at ABB Robotics – reflect on the podcast’s goals, how they attracted these different listener types, and their aims for future series.

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