In 2018, Legal & General started discussing how to encourage their customers to reconsider what ‘retirement’ meant to them. From this, Rewirement was born – a podcast which sees Angellica Bell chatting to retirees about how they’ve been enjoying their retirement, how they prepared financially and what their expectations of retirement were.

Rewirement sets out to surprise its audience, with a strong focus on the diversity of later life experiences. Episode themes include ‘Retirement in the LGBT community’, ‘Travel adventures in retirement’, and ‘Changing career later in life’.

In this episode of Fresh Ears, Legal & General’s Head of PR & Content, Millie Hyde-Smith, and Fresh Air Senior Producer Katharine Kerr discuss the series’ shift in tone from Season 1 to 2, the different elements a presenter brings to a project, and attracting an audience who are usually less familiar with the podcast format.

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