Cynthia Sanchez is as interesting as she is charming. After a career as on oncology nurse, she managed to go from blogging to consulting, and on to podcasting. Along the way, she became schooled in the ins and outs of Pinterest and has leveraged to a position as a subject matter expert, being asked to speak at internet marketing conferences around the world. She talks about her start, her family and future plans.

Show Highlights

  • 05:10 – The birth of Oh So Pinteresting
  • 07:05 – The wonders of New Media Expo
  • 09:35 – Which shows got Cynthia started on podcasting
  • 11:00 – Family time with podcasts
  • 13:30 – Listening to mom on her own podcast
  • 15:20 – Celebrating the 50th Episode
  • 16:45 – Being a fan at New Media Expo NYC
  • 19:10 – Mobile podcasting is fun, and the benefits of the podcast purse
  • 22:15 – Building automation into the production schedule
  • 24:40 – At Pinterest’s headquarters
  • 25:55 – The evolution of Pinterest as a business tool and a surprising letter in the mail
  • 29:30 – Benefits of a Rich Pin on Pinterest
  • 34:15 – Positive effects of podcasting leading to finding your voice
  • 36:25 – Getting better with speaking and unique presentations
  • 42:35 – How podcasters can leverage Pinterest, and how to leverage video and sound with YouTube and Soundcloud
  • 46:30 – The work that goes into each episode
  • 48:15 – Masterminding podcast ideas


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