In this episode, online renaissance man Greg Hickman brings his passion for adventure straight into the world of Podcast Junkies. With a free-flowing conversation covering everything from old school hip-hop and mountain biking, what his new favorite conference format looks like, and how the importance of mobile continues to increase. He touches on the start of his second podcast and ultimately breaks down why he does what he does. Good peepz.

Show Highlights

  • 3:05 – Incorporating all his skill set in an effort to be the most well-rounded
  • 3:55 – Beauty of the Next Desk
  • 7:15 – Growing up on the East Coast and old school hip hop
  • 9:14 – The journey of a music podcast
  • 11:05 – Why Mobile Mixed is on a “Freakin’ Misson’
  • 14:15 – The importance of a mobile strategy for your business
  • 16:40 – parallels with podcasting and mobile?
  • 18:55 – Everyone’s doing the same type of podcast now
  • 23:10 – Some of Mobile Mixed’s best episodes, and the mix of interviews and solo shows
  • 26:25 – How you measure success and why iTunes is only one measure
  • 27:30 – Approaching a podcast from a strategic perspective and avatars
  • 31:10 – Find your hardcore fans because you can’ make everyone happy
  • 33:40 – Why Hover & Ting are not knocking down my door
  • 36:50 – Chris Ducker’s Tropical Think Tank
  • 40:10 – Greg is speaking all over the place
  • 45:20 – How to run a better presentation
  • 46:40 – Single track conferences is where it’s at
  • 50:40 – The transition from Corporate to Entrepreneur
  • 55:40 – Being proudly employable vs. proudly unemployable
  • 58:00 – Why Greg does what he does


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