Justin Sisley Interview of Driven to Better Podcast is today’s Podcast Junkie for a very good reason – as an entrepreneur himself, he knows the stresses and challenges, and has chosen to highlight and celebrate the up and coming ideas of other ‘new and noteworthy’ businesspeople. In the episode, he also talks about how to find your niche guests, his own path to becoming an entrepreneur and why maybe he’ll never figure out the iTunes algorithm.

Show Highlights

  • 00:25 – Harry Duran introduces today’s guest, Justin Sisley – host of Driven to Better podcast.
  • 05:00 – What’s the impetus for becoming an entrepreneur?
  • 09:34 – Justin talks about the motivation for choosing lesser-known entrepreneurs as his guests.
  • 13:28 – What are the difficulties linked with guests who have never been on a podcast before?
  • 15:35 – An insight into some ‘interesting’ entrepreneurial ideas!
  • 21:16 – Reddit can be a great starting point for finding guests.
  • 24:35 – You’ve made the effort to network – don’t lose those connections.
  • 29:36 – Does anyone understand how the iTunes algorithm works?
  • 33:17 – There are so many variations of entrepreneurship; why limit yourself?
  • 37:37 – Figure out where to introduce structure to your day and watch your productivity grow.
  • 43:08 – The path to being an entrepreneur definitely isn’t easy or straightforward.
  • 49:52 – Natural-sounding conversations start with a genuine interest in your guests.


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