Rob McGinley Myers is the host for Anxious Machine. He is part
of The Heard, which is a podcast collective of several different
and awesome shows. The best way to describe Rob’s podcast is it’s a
show about the impact of technology on our everyday lives. Rob’s
interview style really brings out a lot of gems in people. We talk
about the impact technology has on kids, his podcast style, and his
weightless journey.

Show Highlights

  • 04:45 – Podcasting is a medium and
    not a genre.
  • 06:45 – Rob doesn’t listen to
    podcasts on an increased speed.
  • 08:00 – What was the first podcast
    Rob listened to?
  • 09:15 – Should we separate radio
    publishers versus independent podcasters in a different
  • 10:05 – How can Apple make the
    discovery process easier?
  • 12:35 – What’s Rob’s story?
  • 16:20 – How did Rob get into
  • 18:15 – Podcast Movement was great
    this year.
  • 20:00 – What is Third Coast?
  • 23:30 – What is The Heard?
  • 27:15 – As the show gets better,
    does Rob feel more pressure in finding better guests?
  • 31:40 – Rob explains what Love and
    Radio does.
  • 32:15 – Rob talks about how he
    came to create one of his podcast episodes.
  • 35:50 – Does Rob worry about how
    technology impacts his kid’s lives?
  • 37:20 – In the article, The
    Touch-Screen Generation, the author conducts an experiment to see
    if her child would eventually get bored of the iPad.
  • 39:35 – What’s Rob’s ‘studio’
  • 40:55 – Rob loves reading his
    stories in front of people.
  • 48:50 – People are more likely to
    reveal certain things about themselves in audio form.
  • 51:15 – How does Rob bring out
    such great stories in people?
  • 54:00 – Rob talks about S2:E2 –
    All My Days Have Been Guns
  • 59:00 – Rob talks on how studying
    comparative literature has helped his podcast.
  • 01:00 – What’s Rob’s Anxious
    Machine’s story?
  • 01:03 – Rob used to be overweight
    and believes being overweight is a math problem.
  • 01:11 – Rob makes a conscious
    effort to interview very different people.
  • 01:13 – What’s the story behind
    using the title S2:E5 – These Things Is Miracles?
  • 01:18 – What do Rob’s students
    think of his podcast?
  • 01:19 – Rob is both surprised and
    not surprised about his podcast show.




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