Raymond Wiley is the host of The Shadow of Ideas. Raymond has
been broadcasting/podcasting since 2004 and has started three
different podcasts since then. The Shadow of Ideas is the first
podcast he’s done as a solo host and he’s loving it so far. The
Shadow of Ideas explores the world of current events, social
justice, and politics through the lens of history. Raymond talks on
how helpful the podcasting community is, why he’s inspired to do
his show, and so much more on today’s episode.

Show Highlights

  • 09:20 – Why did Raymond start the
    Out There podcast?
  • 12:35 – Raymond talks about
    growing up in Georgia.
  • 19:40 – How long does it take to
    prepare an episode for The Shadow of Ideas?
  • 23:15 – What was the Wilmot
    Proviso about?
  • 28:10 – Raymond started his
    podcast to try and get more from history.
  • 32:10 – Where did the name Shadow
    of Ideas come from?
  • 36:00 – The podcasting community
    is very open and helpful.
  • 41:00 – You can be authentic in a
    podcast and that’s why Raymond loves it.
  • 43:00 – Raymond talks about
    playing in a rock band versus podcasting.
  • 49:35 – What’s currently inspiring
  • 51:20 – Raymond loves True
  • 56:30 – Raymond’s old fan base
    likes what he’s currently doing even though it’s completely
  • 1:01:25 – Raymond loves expressing
    what’s in his heart.
  • 1:02:35 – It’s hard to win an
    argument with a conspiracy theorist.
  • 1:07:55 – A lot of history
    happened right where Raymond is located.
  • 1:09:35 – Raymond wants to do an
    upcoming episode about White flight.
  • 1:11:35 – Who has inspired or
    mentored Raymond?
  • 1:15:35 – Is Raymond educating a
    new generation?
  • 1:20:30 – You can find the show at
    http://shadowofideas.com/, iTunes, and on Spotify.


FULL SHOW NOTES: http://www.podcastjunkies.com/52


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