Amy Schmittauer is a professional vlogger on YouTube and the
host of The Social Authority Podcast. Amy talks on the main reason
for creating her podcast, why she loves the video format just as
much as the audio, and whether or not she’ll continue creating
podcast episodes after February of next year.

Show Highlights

  • 04:20 – Amy and I discuss The
    Podcast Movement.
  • 06:35 – Amy talks about
  • 12:10 – Did Amy have imposture
    syndrome when she started the podcast?
  • 14:45 – Amy loves editing.
  • 18:10 – Amy talks about her
  • 24:35 – You think you’re
    multitasking when listening to a podcast, but you’re actually
  • 31:00 – It’s so easy to get
    quality content for free or at low-cost.
  • 34:00 – What is it like living in
    the public eye?
  • 39:20 – Amy talks about the things
    she learned while working at a law firm.
  • 44:15 – It is very important to
    have confidence in yourself.
  • 47:55 – Amy talks about her
    awesome relationship with Sue B. Zimmerman.
  • 52:15 – You attract like-minded
    people into your life.
  • 55:00 – Amy talks about her show,
    The Social Authority Podcast.
  • 57:25 – Amy hates Skype and has
    been using Blab instead.
  • 01:00:20 – What is Amy’s morning
  • 01:01:25 – Amy has recently
    changed her mind with her membership program.




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