Danny Peña has been podcasting for last 10+ years and has a ton
of experience to bring to the table. He is the founder and host of
GamerTagRadio and has received international media attention from
Forbes, Gamespot, IGN, Wall Street Journal, and more. He also won
the Microsoft MVP award both in ’05 and ’09 and hosted the first
gaming show for Discovery Channel Latin America.

Show Highlights

  • 04:50 – Danny talks about his
    podcasting mistakes.
  • 06:00 – How did Danny get into
  • 09:15 – Danny used his ‘street
    knowledge’ to promote his podcast instead of using social
  • 11:20 – Danny talks on how
    rappers/hip hop artists promoted their work pre-internet days.
  • 14:50 – Twitter bombing is so
  • 16:05 – What was it like being on
    the Podcast Movement stage?
  • 17:30 – Danny and I talk about our
    love for DJing back in the day.
  • 19:10 – You could literally spend
    half a day looking at vinyls.
  • 22:35 – Danny moved to Miami in 92
    and it was completely destroyed from hurricane Andrew.
  • 24:00 – Danny talks about the E3
    (Electronic Entertainment Expo) conference in L.A.
  • 27:15 – Your podcast being in New
    and Noteworthy is cool, but what are you gonna do after that?
  • 30:55 – Don’t depend on
    interviewing other successful podcasters.
  • 34:55 – Danny talks about his
  • 37:30 – Believe it or not, Danny
    used to be incredibly shy in Kindergarten.
  • 43:15 – Let people hear your voice
    and your message. We don’t always get a spotlight.
  • 46:10 – You can’t fake being
    consistently passionate time and time again.
  • 49:05 – Danny talks about how he
    met Bill Gates.
  • 52:45 – Get out of your house and
    attend events.
  • 01:01:00 – Danny talks about his
    podcasting highlights in 2015.
  • 01:03:10 – How did Danny build his
    podcasting crew?
  • 01:12:00 – Companies often ask
    Danny to cover an event, but he also wants his team to be
  • 01:14:50 – Hang around people who
    have the same can-do attitude you have.
  • 01:15:50 – Danny talks about the
    responses he has received from his fans.
  • 01:19:30 – Danny explains when he
    cried on the Podcast Movement stage.
  • 01:22:40 – Danny shares a story
    about an event EA invited him to.
  • 01:28:55 – When Danny tells
    stories, he’s just painting a picture for the listener.
  • 01:35:05 – Be sure to visit
    GamerTagRadio.com see what Danny Peña does.


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