To celebrate my three year anniversary of Podcast Junkies, I had the pleasure of speaking with podcasting veteran, Gary Leland. Although Gary is a well-known Hall of Fame podcaster, there is so much more to him that makes him tick. I was so honored that Gary shared so many incredible stories from his life that he hasn’t shared before so we could all get to know him better.

I love bringing you these great conversations and I want to thank you for listening, for continuing to listen and I’m humbled to have you as part of the Podcast Junkies family.

  • 03:44 – His online stores and businesses
  • 09:18 – His view on inventions and ideas
  • 10:59 – His mini-blinds and wallpaper business
  • 19:09 – Innovations in wallpaper
  • 21:18 – Why the wallpaper business fell from grace, what took its place, and its resurgence
  • 25:13 – What it’s like working with his wife, Kathy
  • 29:58 – What attracted him to Kathy
  • 30:56 – What has changed about him over time
  • 33:04 – When he realized Facebook was going to be a tool for business
  • 33:37 – Pinball machines
  • 35:18 – What he misses doing
  • 36:27 – His two fondest surfing memories
  • 48:35 – His childhood and growing up with guns
  • 54:04 – How policing has changed and his run-ins with the law
  • 01:07:03 – His very first business and the first time he got screwed in business
  • 01:10:13 – Beating chess phenom Bobby Fischer
  • 01:14:08 – Sneaking into sporting events

Full Show Notes:

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